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i assist was founded in Lefkas, Greece in 2009 with the mission "to provide high-level & reasonably priced, human-oriented services, at the place, time and way that every insured client request and every insurance company requires. ”.

I- ASSIST is a dedicated team of health care professionals focused on providing high-standard medical services to both local and foreign visitors of Lefkas Island. Our primary goal is to ensure that holidaymakers as well as the local community have access to experienced medical staff on a round -the-clock basis.

Our network consists of 4 doctor’s facilities located in Nydri, Nikiana, Vassiliki and Preveza. With years of expertise and through the established co-operation with the majority of insurance companies from around the world, narrows down the procedures and the people involved and insures lower pricing, faster service and higher quality.

As soon as you arrive to Lefkas… we’ve got you covered

Travelling to Lefkas can be an unforgettable experience, however while you may have medical cover in your home, while at Lefkas you might find yourself in uncertainty. Being ill in another country than your home country is not what you imagined. This is where Iassist comes in…

Our multi-disciplinary clinic is staffed by certified doctors who are specialists in a wide range of medical fields including Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, G.P., Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Cardiology, Gynecology, ENT. 

Furthermore, through cooperation with radiology and laboratory centres, we cover a wide spectrum of treatments. 

At our facilities, several thousands of patients have been treated effectively in a friendly patient-centred environment. Our multilingual professional and efficient staff, provide high quality medical care, so that the patients have a quick , stress-free and painless recovery, being able to return to their daily routine or holiday activities, as soon as possible. 

Our infrastructure enables us to treat more than 40 patients at a time, so that individuals in need for medical attention can avoid long hospital waiting times. 

Also, we provide on-call medical services in the comfort and convenience of the hotel room, as well as ambulance transfer when indicated. 

I- ASSIST team works together, placing patient safety and convenience as its top priority.